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We have been practising self distancing from the onset of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and as a small home-based business located in a semi-rural area where we have little contact with many people so our business is relatively unaffected. 

Due to the increased demand on delivery providers (reduced flights, lockdown restrictions, border closures etc) you may experience some pickup and delivery delays. We’re working as fast as we can to get your parcels delivered – thanks so much for your patience!

  • Parents with young children and babies


  • Migraine Sufferers

Lack of sleep can be totally debilitating…

Let Bedroom Blackout Window Panels be the solution!

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Shift workers, Parents with babies and young children, and Migraine Sufferers all face the problem of sleeping during daylight hours when all they need is total darkness.

Bedroom Blackout window  panels are a soft furnished aluminium frame, wrapped in UV protected fabric which is white on the outside and black on the inside that sits snugly into your window recess. They are easy to install and uninstall with no external fittings. And the best part, is that they completely blackout a room from any external light entering through your bedroom window or sliding door, turning day into night for a room that is conducive for sleeping.

Our unique Bedroom Blackout Panel System blocks out 100% of the sun coming through your window, so your bedroom will be in complete darkness while you sleep. Bedroom Blackout is guaranteed to block 100% of all light coming through your window.


The horizontal distance from one end to another in millimeters (mm)


The vertical distance from one end to another in millimeters (mm)


The depth distance from one end to another in millimeters (mm).

It’s simple to purchase and install Bedroom Blackout panels for any of your rooms.


Measure the inside recess of your window frame and note width, height and the depth of the window ledge on the sill. (Note: Bedroom Blackout Panels will fit in any window space that has 30mm depth clearance including windows with vertical blinds, and any other window treatment)


Go to the shop page and enter them into the window panel calculator and add it to the shopping cart, checkout and we’ll send the panels  OR


For any other non-standard windows and doors such as Bay Windows, Sliding Doors or Plantation Shutters get in contact with us at: 1300 731 365 or email your specifications to:info@bedroomblackout.com

NOTE: Bedroom Blackout panels will fit in any window or door space, even with vertical blinds,  or other window treatments as long as there is 30mm space between the windows and the window additions.


No fittings required


To open your windows and let sunlight in.


No damage to window recesses, great for rental properties.


During daylight hours.