Relief for Shift workers, Parents with babies and young children, Migraine Sufferers, Annoying Bright Street lights, Security lights that constantly come on in Apartment Blocks, Cinema Rooms and many more situations where You need to have, Day… Turn Into Night !

At last, there is a product on the market that helps people to sleep during the day with a guarantee of no light coming  through the window.

Bedroom Blackout panels are a soft furnished aluminium frame wrapped in UV protected fabric that sits snugly into your window recess.

Easy to install and uninstall with no external fittings.

The fabric is black on the inside and white on the outside.






    Our unique Bedroom Blackout Panel System blocks out 100% of light coming In through your window, so your bedroom will be pitch black while you sleep.


    Bedroom Blackouts are a customised solution to fit any window or door which means no tiny cracks of sunlight. Just send us measurements width, height and depth of the window ledge of the inside recess of your window.


    Bedroom Blackout is guaranteed to block 100% of all light coming through your window.



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Bedroom Blackout Pty Ltd was founded by Raz Hingston in 2005. Raz was a shift worker in the coal industry for more than twenty years and after spending a majority of that time on night shift he recognised the need for a product to help people sleep during the day. Over the past twelve years Bedroom Blackout Pty Ltd has helped thousands of people improve their quality of sleep and in turn their quality of life.

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A: yes as long as there is a  30mm gap behind the blind if the gap is smaller  you can always move the venetian blinds  forward in order to  get the blackouts to fit.

A: Yes, We require the length and width of each door as well as the depth from lock/handle to the outside of the frame.

If you require further assistance, please click here to send us photos and we will assist in getting the correct measurements

A:  Yes we can easily blackout a bay window.

Each window needs to be measured individually. We will need Length, Width and depth for each. You can then click here to order.

If you require further assistance, please click here to send us photos and we will assist in getting the correct measurements.

A: Yes. As long as your ledge is at least 20MM (MILLIMETRES) so there is a small space between the Blackout and the winder.

A: Blackouts don’t let any form of light at all through. Therefore, they don’t allow airflow.

A: We fabricate the Blackouts with 25mm foam in between the aluminium frame and it is covered with fabric. The foam reduces sound and is fire proof .


I have been meaning on writing to thank you for the blinds we purchased in May 2013 and sorry for the late correspondence. I just wanted to thank you for the Bedroom blackout blinds they are absolutely fabulous and I would highly recommend them to anyone doing shift work or just in general. I had my windows originally covered in foil and the windows couldn’t be opened as the foil would be damaged and therefore was constantly in a dark room with no fresh air or no light and it was quite depressing after a while. As soon as I got your blinds I found them wonderful as I could take them in and out of the windows after waking up letting in plenty of fresh air and light into bedroom and in particular on my days off. The windows that needed two sections I also find really good and useful as I can overlap the blinds and they just stay in place to vary the amount of light I want in the room. I am presently working a day shift at the moment but still use them all the time if I want to sleep in any mornings or to keep the heat down in the room on hot days while using the air conditioner. Thank you for such a wonderful product I would highly recommend these blinds to everyone.

I would like to add also the correspondence and delivery of this product also was very professional.

Thank you

Just took this photo (and it’s a hot sunny day here in Brissy at 29 degrees at 2.30pm), and this is how dark my son’s room is! Left light – door ajar Middle red – that’s my gro egg Right blue light – that’s my aircon Amazing product, highly recommend it to anyone who wants babies/kids to sleep/nap longer!!

I live on a busy road so road noise was a problem. Bedroom Blackouts not only blacked out my room but also reduced road noise to the point that passing cars no longer wake me. My quality of sleep is now unbelievable.

Fantastic!!! Pitch black just like night time.

It’s absolutely excellent. Keeps the noise out and the room is dark as!

I am 100% happy with your product, it is incredible and exactly what I was after. See photo attached – it is pitch black, I was only able to take a photo as I had left the door open to let some light through.

Thanks again for your great customer service, I will definitely be recommending your product!

Bedroom Blackout really works. Tried to take a couple of pictures of the room at 3pm when the Sun beams into the room windows but they came out black! Thanks Raz

Thanks again for your great customer service, I will definitely be recommending your product!

The blinds were delivered this morning, thank you very much for getting them to me so quickly.
The smaller blinds fit perfectly. I’m trying to convince my sister to get blinds for her identical unit. If so we could work something out with the extra blind.

I have big windows and during the hot summer months my aircon was working flat out, now with Bedroom Blackouts my aircon is set on low, my room is black, cool, and quiet.

I couldn’t sleep during the day but now it’s so much easier. You think it’s night time.